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Use these insights to make confident decisions and drive your business to new heights.

Transform Your Numbers into Decisions

Old-school accounting is a thing of the past. It's not just about tracking numbers; it's about understanding what those numbers reveal about your business's health and how to fuel its growth.Empower yourself to make data-driven decisions that benefit your business!

Track and manage your finances from anywhere

Be in control always. Set automations and manage on the go.
- Record expenses and send invoices from wherever you are
- Access financial data from your mobile device or web.
- Stay connected to your business's financial health always.

AI-powered micro-advisory for your business

Imagine having a trusted advisor who understands your business inside out, providing data-driven recommendations for success.
- Optimize your financial decisions with real-time data.
- Leverage advanced analytics to grow your business.
- Stay ahead of competitors with industry-specific recommendations.

No finance experience or knowledge needed

Complex finance tools are in the past. Simple finances and powerful insights are the future
- Easily understand key financial metrics.
- Navigate your financial data with user-friendly tools.
- Focus on your business, not on complex accounting tasks.

See critical metrics and industry trends in real-time, all the time

Explore business metrics and industry trends in real-time. Gain valuable insights to grow your business.
- Access up-to-the-minute financial data.
- Monitor market trends to make informed decisions.
- Ensure you're always in the know with automated updates.

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Metric is a real-time financial app for Business Founders. We aggregate data from all transactions you add in the app and provide you with key metrics and right financial insights important for your business to grow!

We are Pakistan based and our HQ is in Islamabad, Pakistan. Fancy popping by, we'd love to meet you! Do contact us via our support number or mail us at support@metricapp.co to set something up.

Not at all! Metric is the most founder friendly app and is designed keeping in mind founders of small and medium sized businesses with no or little accounting background.

It is designed with simplicity in mind. There are no complex accounting jargons used, simply scan your receipts or fill in details manually for income and expense entries and you’re done!

Yes it does! Metric is built for business at day one, month one, year one, or more. Businesses from different sectors ranging from AI to Ecommerce to Travel and Transport can track metrics, monitor financial health and gain sector insights using the app.

We're working on lots of integrations – watch this space!

Currently Metric is only available on Android. But guess what? We are launching our Webapp soon!

Yes, you can contact us via WhatsApp or mail and support team will assist you!


It is, we have a free forever plan! But we also have two more plans i.e. Startup and Growing providing more business insights and detailed reports for $29 and $79 respectively. Want to know more about these plans! Check out the plan details on our homepage.

Metric offers you a variety of hassle free plans that are tailor-made in accordance with your specific needs. If you’ve just started a business then Free plan is the perfect solution! It includes great features like real time financial dashboard, automatic metrics tracking, add/save products, reports and cloud-based transaction record. For matured businesses, Startup or Growing Plan is recommended. These plans include more advanced features in addition to those already provided in the free plan such as payable/receivables tracking, one picture accounting, sending customer invoices, partial payments and founder report.

Metric offers Taxation and Investment Readiness as an add on. Interested, get in touch with us!

Metric is integrated with Stripe. It is connected with majority of the debit, credit cards globally. To upgrade your plan, enter account details in the billing section and subscribe!


Once you have logged into the app, tap on the ‘+’ icon to start posting transactions.

One picture accounting is one of the key highlights of Metric. Whether it is an income, expense or withdrawal/deposit you can scan document and it will autofill details. An easier and time effective solution to record multiple transactions.

Yes, you can. While adding income details, check the send invoice box and add customer name to generate an automated invoice. This can be shared with customer with a single tap

You have Profit and Loss Statement, Income Report and Expense Report in the reports tab. In startup and growing plan, you can also access founder’s report.

Yes, you can export reports in PDF format from the app.

When you’re adding income transaction, there is a field to add item name. Enter item name, fill total income, direct cost and submit. It will autosave the product, so that you don’t have to enter details again and again. Also you can add products separately in the menu screen.


If this is holding you back from using the app, do not worry! We know how important financial data is to any business, therefore we offer data migration service. Tap on data migration to get in touch with our team.


Absolutely, Metric takes data privacy and security very seriously! For further details, you can visit Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page.

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Flexible pricing plans: Choose the one that works for you!

We believe a business can't survive and grow without the right financial tracking and insights, which is why we have spent years working with thousands of start-ups to understand the challenges around financial management for emerging businesses. Agility is vital in the early days, which is why we've created pricing plans to grow with you. You can start with our free plan and upgrade as your business scales or choose one of our paid plans for advanced features and support from a qualified accountant.

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