Metric – The most founder friendly finance app in the world!

Introducing Founder Report

When you’re a business founder managing everything on your own, it can get hard to separate your personal finances from your business funds. You’ll be tallying everything at the end of the month and the numbers just won’t add up. Suddenly, you’ll get a flashback of when you used your personal account to handle a business expense and things will start making sense again. Keeping your personal and business accounts separate is as exhausting as it is important. Overcome this constant state of chaos and replace it with something that’s both easy to use and reliable. That’s where Metric comes in!

Metric helps you keep track of funds that a founder may owe to the company and vice versa, helping you avoid unnecessary mixups. The Founder Report is a useful feature, curated to streamline your company’s finances. 

How Do Founder Reports Work?

Whenever you’re adding income or expense into Metric, you are now asked to enter the payment status to decipher who has received or paid the amount for a particular transaction. This helps in identifying the payment made by or to founders so that a report can be generated to show the founder’s balance. 

How Does the Founder Report Help You?

With the Founder Report, you can easily keep track of all your expenses , including what you, as a founder, owe to a company and what a company might owe to founders. All the entries are updated in real time so you can stay informed about your busainess finances in a few clicks.