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Product Updates

Introducing Partial Payments

Do you struggle with tracking partial payments from clients? Are you tired of the headaches caused by untimely payments and the hassle of keeping track of upcoming deposits? We know the feeling. Late, delayed, or partial payments can be a real headache, especially when you’re trying to keep your records organised. And let’s be honest […]

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Introducing Data Migration 

When deciding to shift your accounts from one platform to another, one of the foremost concerns businesses have is about their past financial data. Businesses maintain their financial data in different ways – some might use accounting softwares, while others may maintain their records on excel or even manual ledgers.  With Metric’s new “Data Migration”

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Introducing Add/Save Product

You often need to get things done on time, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can be a hassle to re-enter your information every time you add an income for a product. Imagine you’re in a hurry and need to urgently add an income for a specific product. You open the app and see

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