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Introducing Customise Invoices

Generating and sending invoices is an essential part of running a business. But generating manual invoices is a common hurdle for business owners. From ensuring accuracy to including essential details, the process can be time-consuming and prone to errors. At Metric, we understand the need for efficiency and customization, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce customized invoices, a solution that not only automates your invoicing process but also allows you to tailor each invoice according to your unique business requirements. Through customized invoices, businesses can generate invoices tailored according to their needs in just a few clicks. How does it work? How does this help? Add Bank Account Details: Send invoices with all the necessary details, including bank account information, eliminating the need for separate communications. Built-in Tax Information: Your Tax Identification Number is added to every invoice by default, saving you the trouble of sending it separately. Arabic Invoices: Need to send an invoice in Arabic? Translate it with the tap of a button, ensuring clear communication with clients worldwide.

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Introducing Growth Goal Feature: Elevate Your Business Ambitions with Ease!

As the famous saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This sage advice rings true for your business as well. Setting clear, achievable goals and continuously tracking your progress towards them can be the key to your success. Imagine having a growth target that you review daily, with each step of your progress visible in real time. This strategy can increase your chances of achieving that goal tenfold.  The team at Metric, with their extensive experience in running businesses and mentoring business owners, understands this critical requirement. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you a feature that makes this essential step even more accessible. Metric now lets you set a growth rate and allows you to monitor your progress towards that goal with every income entry. The dashboard provides a continuous visual representation of your progress, not only motivating you to succeed but also ensuring you stay on the right track. It offers transparency of growth to all parties involved, creating a shared vision for success. How does it work? Unlock the magic of Growth Goals with these simple steps: Head to dashboard and tap on the growth goal to set your sales target Select the sales target percentage you’re aiming to achieve for the month. Metric instantly calculates the number of orders required to hit your growth goal, providing you with a real-time visual on your progress. With each new order you record, watch the required number of orders decrease, keeping you motivated and informed every step of the way. Benefits: This feature is designed to elevate your business ambitions and thus achievements: Set clear growth targets for your business and watch them come to life. This boost keeps you motivated and on track, helping you stay focused. Metric delivers instant updates to your sales targets as income flows in. Gain immediate insight into your progress, allowing you to compare months where you achieved your target with those where you fell short. This data analysis will help you discover which strategies, campaigns, or processes bring the best results. Stay on course with your growth plans, making it easier to take action. When you can see your progress all the time, it’s like catching problems before they get big.  Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you reach your growth goals with the support of Metric’s Growth Goal Feature. It’s a game-changer, and it’s right at your fingertips. Ready to take your business to new heights? Dive into the app now and embrace the power of hassle-free growth tracking. Your business dreams are just a tap away!

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Introducing Recurring Transactions: Simplify Your Monthly Payments

A significant chunk of the start of each month is consumed by the repetition of similar financial tasks. Whether it’s rent, salaries, investment dividends, or various service subscriptions, these regular transactions tend to monopolize your valuable time. But imagine the relief of automated monthly deposits, seamlessly integrated into your business journey. Once again, Metric is here to make your life easier, introducing a brand new feature that allows you to automate both your recurring expenses and income. It’s like clockwork; each month, your predetermined transactions are effortlessly executed. No more manual entries, no more worries about missing a crucial payment or deposit. Just smooth sailing! Set the date, frequency, amount, and transaction details, and let the system handle the rest. This smart and efficient solution eliminates the hassle of repetitive tasks, ensuring your financial records stay up-to-date without requiring any effort on your part. How does it work? Getting started with Recurring Transactions is as simple as 1-2-3: Head to the “Add Transactions” section and select “Expense or Income.” Fill in the rest of the details accordingly – amount and payment status. Check the “Recurring Transaction” box and choose the frequency, such as monthly, quarterly or yearly. Lean back, relax, and let Metric take the reins. Your recurring transactions will be seamlessly managed, ensuring your financial records remain current. Benefits: Eliminate the need for manual entry of recurring transactions each month, freeing up valuable time. More importantly, Set it and forget it! Once configured, the system handles the transactions automatically. It minimizes repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more strategic aspects of your business. Ensure that crucial payments like rent, salaries, and other service charges are always made on time. Maintain an accurate record of all recurring transactions in one place, where you can conveniently view, edit, or delete them. With this new feature, your business journey becomes smoother. Hand over the repetitive tasks to Metric while you focus on steering your business towards new heights. It’s another stride forward in making your entrepreneurial journey as seamless as possible. Discover the power of Recurring Transactions today, and effortlessly keep your business moving forward!

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Introducing Discount Feature: Streamline Your Income Records

You’re running your business, and you want to offer discounts to your valued customers. But every time you do, it throws your financial records into a tangle. The fixed price isn’t so fixed anymore, and manual adjustments are a real chore. Enter the game-changer, Metric’s new Discount Feature! This nifty addition takes the hassle out of handling discounts, making your life easier and your records crystal clear. How does it work? Here’s your simple step-by-step guide to unlock this feature: Head to the “Income” section in the Metric app. Enter the payment details as usual. Look for the “Discounts” option and toggle it on. Enter the value or % discount offered Watch Metric automatically apply the discount to the total income. Benefits This feature offers remarkable advantages for your business: Add discounts seamlessly to your income transactions, keeping your records accurate. It offers precise and better reporting resulting in more accurate records. You can now view discounts offered in reports and invoices.  No more manual discount calculations, Metric does it for you, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With the new Discount Feature, your business operations are getting a boost. Forget the days of tangled records and manual adjustments. It’s time to experience the simplicity of Metric’s Discount Feature. Why wait? Dive into the app now and uncover the magic of hassle-free discount management. Your business deserves it! 

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Introducing Founder Report

When you’re a business founder managing everything on your own, it can get hard to separate your personal finances from your business funds. You’ll be tallying everything at the end of the month and the numbers just won’t add up. Suddenly, you’ll get a flashback of when you used your personal account to handle a business expense and things will start making sense again. Keeping your personal and business accounts separate is as exhausting as it is important. Overcome this constant state of chaos and replace it with something that’s both easy to use and reliable. That’s where Metric comes in! Metric helps you keep track of funds that a founder may owe to the company and vice versa, helping you avoid unnecessary mixups. The Founder Report is a useful feature, curated to streamline your company’s finances.  How Do Founder Reports Work? Whenever you’re adding income or expense into Metric, you are now asked to enter the payment status to decipher who has received or paid the amount for a particular transaction. This helps in identifying the payment made by or to founders so that a report can be generated to show the founder’s balance.  How Does the Founder Report Help You? With the Founder Report, you can easily keep track of all your expenses , including what you, as a founder, owe to a company and what a company might owe to founders. All the entries are updated in real time so you can stay informed about your busainess finances in a few clicks. 

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